Výsledky hledání

Název Hlavní autor Hlavní nakladatel Rok Signatury Ks přít. / celk.
Here We Stand : Evaluating New Trends in the Church Koranteng-Pipim, Samuel Adventists Affirm c2005 PTM00079 1/1
Prove all things : a response to women in ministry Koranteng-Pipim, Samuel Adventists Affirm c2000 STH02011/A
Searching the scriptures : women's ordination and the call to biblical fidelity Koranteng-Pipim, Samuel Adventists Affirm 1995 ADB01013/A
The tip of an iceberg : biblical authority, biblical interpretation, and the ordination of women in ministry Holmes, C. Raymond Adventists Affirm 1994 STH02004/A
Vicarius Filii Dei, an annotated timeline : connecting links between Revelation 13:16-18, the infamous number 666, and the papal headdress Stevens, Jerry A. Adventists Affirm 2009 ADA10028 1/1
[1844 and being like Jesus : a memorial reprint form the book Magnificent Disappointment] Maxwell, C. Mervyn Adventists Affirm [1999] ADD01060 1/1