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Název Hlavní autor Hlavní nakladatel Rok Signatury Ks přít. / celk.
Carlyle B. Haynes promlouvá k mladým kazatelům Haynes, Carlyle B. [s.n.] [196-?] PTG00006/B 1/1
The divine art of preaching Haynes, Carlyle B. Review and Herald c1939 PTH01026 1/1
From Sabbath to Sunday : a discussion of the historical aspects of the Sabbath question, showing how, when, why, and by whom the change was made from the seventh to the first day of the week Haynes, Carlyle B. Review and Herald c1928 ADA03022/A
Living evangelism Haynes, Carlyle B. Review and Herald c1937 PTJ00063 1/1
Mladým kazatelům Haynes, Carlyle B. [s.n.] [196-?] PTG00006/A 1/1
Naděje světa : co nám přinese blízká budoucnost? Haynes, Carlyle B. Pacific [196-?] ADA08001/A
Od soboty k neděli : pojednání o sobotě z hledisek historických, otázky pojednávající o tom, jak, kdy, proč, a kým byla provedena změna dne Páně, ze dne sedméno na první den v týdnu Haynes, Carlyle B. [s.n.] [19--?] ADA03045 1/1
On the Eve of Armageddon Haynes, Carlyle B. Review and Herald [c1940] ADC01364 1/1
The return of Jesus : a presentation of the Bible teaching regarding our Lord as the Seed promised to our first parents, the Jehovah Angel of the Patriarchs, the Deliverer of his people, the Messiah of the Jews, the Redeemer of the world, the Lamb in the midst of the throne, the great Hight priest standing before God, the Mediator between God and man, and the Coming King; together with an explanation of the Bible predictions regarding his return, with particular reference to the signs of the times which demonstrate the imminence of his second coming Haynes, Carlyle B. Review and Herald c1926 ADA08024 1/1
Seventh-day Adventists : their work and teachings : a comprehensive analytical treatise regarding a group of Christian people and their world-wide activities Haynes, Carlyle B. Review and Herald c1940 ADA05006/A
[Slúžim.\\\ 3] Andreasen, M. L. [s. n.] [199-?] ADB01033/3 1/1
What is coming? Haynes, Carlyle B. Southern Publishing Association c1920, c1948 ADC01211 1/1
When a man dies Haynes, Carlyle B. Review and Herald c1948 ADC01269 1/1