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[Defense of eld. James White and wife : vindication of their moral and Christian character] Waggoner, J. H. Steam 1870 ADF03024 0/1
Die Geschichte des Sabbaths und des ersten Wochentages : im Lichte der Hl. Schrift und der Geschichte, von der Erschaffung der Welt bis auf die Gegenwart Andrews, J. N. (John Nevins), 1829-1883 Internationale Traktatgesellschaft 1891 ADA03046 1/1
History of the sabbath and first day of the week Andrews, J. N. (John Nevins), 1829-1883 Review and Herald c1912 ADA03072 1/1
History of the Sabbath and first day of the week, showing the Bible record of the Sabbath, also the manner in which it has been supplanted by the heathen festival of the sun Andrews, J. N. (John Nevins), 1829-1883 Steam 1862 ADA03008 1/1
The spirit of prophecy treasure chest : an Advent source collection of materials relating to the gift of prophecy in the remnant church and the life and ministry of Ellen G. White : the textbook for prophetic guidance in the Advent movement : a Seventh-day Adventist correspondence course Wilcox, F. M. (Francis McLellan) Review and Herald c1960 ADF03015 1/1
What Ellen White has meant to me Douglass, Herbert E. Review and Herald c1973 ADF03022 1/1
Witness of the pioneers concerning the spirit of prophecy : a facsimile reprint of periodical and pamphlet articles written by the conermporaries of Ellen G. White White, James [s.n.] [196-?] ADD01122/A